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Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Does your family feel stuck? Are you just not enjoying each other anymore? Are you able to be flexible and adapt to change or do you struggle with this?

Families have a structure, rule-governed behavior, complex patterns of interaction, individual and system goals, and subsystems within the family system. The tendency of a family system (as is the tendencies of all systems) is to create homeostasis, in other words, resist change.

The trouble with this is that the systems surrounding the family are always changing, as are the individuals in the family. Roles, rules, and patterns need to be flexible enough to change and grow to accommodate different developmental periods and different stressors.

The hallmark of a healthy system is its ability to change.

Family therapy is the therapy that is the closest to my heart. I am fascinated by families and I always have been. It was the first therapy that I started practicing as a clinician. The complexity of the family system is such a thing to behold, even when in crisis.

Some positive family therapy outcomes are:

  • Strategies to develop and maintain boundaries
  • Fostered sense of cohesion and communication among family members
  • Promotes problem-solving through an understanding of family patterns and dynamics
  • Builds empathy and understanding.
  • Reduces family conflict

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